Brave To Be Different

Ramona & Beezus

“I know that you think being different is bad…but it’s not. You don’t worry about coloring inside the lines, you know?”

(Ramona & Beezus Movie)

As soon as you are enough brave to be different in your life you have to face with judgments against your view-point. That would be a great challenge for everyone to be different from the others.

Like Ramona in the movie, I have thought “being different is bad” that I tried to change myself because of the others. I wished to be a lovely girl in my family. I wished to be a nice student in my class. And I wished to be a trusted colleague in my company. I tried my best to be perfect to make everyone happy but sometimes I failed because of my different thinking.

You know, It seems to be foolish when you change yourself to please someone. We cannot change the world yet we can change ourselves. How can you change if you really love yourself? You truly believe in your different thinking in spite of the others. Thus, you don’t want to change anything.

“You’re your own person. You don’t care what other think. It’s brave being how you are.”

(Ramona & Beezus Movie)

Thao Vien


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