The Ladies Of Journalism

Facebook Cover 2.11.2012

Today is Saturday. So what are you doing to enjoy your weekend? You can go out to see your friends at the favorite coffee shop. You can make a party for a special day. And you can stay at home to eat and…sleep!

Then, you turn on your computer to see friends on your facebook. What do you click “Like”? A funny status or a meaningful picture can make you feel happy as seeing them in the real life.

In the real life, my close friends who are the ladies of Journalism are always busy with their jobs. In fact, we haven’t seen for a long time after the latest meeting. I miss them and wish to see their smiles so much that I change my cover picture to recall our memories in the university.

Please look at the picture from right to left you will see 5 ladies in different styles that would be similar to your friends.

An Active Lady

An Active Lady

Vy Dung has been the tallest lady as well as “the biggest sister” who is ready beside the others whenever we need her. She is too kind to say “no” in helping someone. Honestly, I wished to become a lady like her because she is “an angel” in my mind.

A Crazy Lady

A Crazy Lady

I am sure that you will be attracted by Thao Suong who has been regarded as “the crazy lady”. She is not beautiful but sexy. She can make you surprise with her status and pictures on facebook since she just like something…crazy!

A Funny Lady

A Funny Lady

Hoa Hong means “Rose” in English. She has pretty hands like…a baby (Do you want to hold her hand? I will ask for you! ^^ ). She looks funny with her chubby face that makes me think of the cartoons I watched when I was a little girl.

A Romatic Lady

A Romantic Lady

Kim Tuyen is a very romantic lady who can write a long story about herself and a short poem about…her love. I am especially impressed by the way she faces a lot of difficult challenges to live in an active city like Ho Chi Minh. You know, she tries her best to be strong even though she needs someone to protect her all the time.

A Lovely Lady

A Lovely Lady

The last one should be a lady who is writing diary about her close friends: Thao Vien. You can see me in the left side of the picture. “Lovely” is an adjective which my friends use to describe me. Indeed, I truly love this word which encourages me to smile every day.

Now, please look at the picture again and tell me: Who is the lady similar to you or your friends?

Nice weekend everyone!

Thao Vien


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