Be careful what you wish for…

What are you wishing for ?

“Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it.” (Anonymous)

As reading short stories for the final examination next week, I quote these words from “The Monkey’s Paw” to remind us about the consequences of wishes. Could you tell me what are you wishing for? I would like to tell you my stories about 3 wishes coming true in my life.

An Intelligent Person

I studied very hard…

I know that you maybe laugh at my self-assessment, especially when you see me in the real life. Am I an intelligent person? No way! Looking at me, you just see a lady wearing black glasses on her chubby face. That’s it.

That was my wish, actually. I wished for being “an intelligent person” who should be wearing a pair of glasses. The dream of a kid used to be funny and…stupid, you know.

Like any “stupid kids” loving to be excellent in their class, I studied very hard to get good marks and … a pair of glasses. The first wish has come true but I am not satisfied as soon as I begin to care of my beauty to attract “someone”. It must have been more beautiful if I don’t have to wear the glasses every day.

A Cute Boy

“He is really a cute boy!”

The second wish will interest you since it can recall your sweet memories to the first love in your life. Honestly, that has been my secret until now. I don’t be hurtful any more when I decide to share with you.

I began to experience the first love in the university as being a bookworm who didn’t spend time for noisy parties or romantic dates. My close friend couldn’t hide her eagerness to see my “boy friend”. And she met him someday…

“He is really a cute boy!”, she said. She gave me some useful tips to drive a boy from a lover to become … a husband. Nevertheless, I forgot all of her advices! I dislike the “strategies” for loving. Thus, I didn’t care of her tips even though I was deeply hurtful in the first love.

A Lovely Mommy

The best friend who never leaves me…

I have had happy and unhappy memories from my wishes coming true. The last wish would be the greatest one I am lucky to be fulfilled: A Lovely Mommy.

Naturally, all mothers love their kids but that’s rarely you see a mother can be “a lovely mommy” as well as a lovely friend. The generation gap has become a big challenge for parents to be friends of their kids.

When I was a little girl, I used to compare my mother with another mother who seemed more sensible. Then, I leave my home to learn practical lessons and she has become the best friend who never leaves me. In spite of being painful because of my failures, I still thank for those challenges that help me get the last wish: A Lovely Mommy.

And now, I don’t want to wish anything because I love whatever I have got. More importantly, I learn to set the clear goals instead of dreaming about a wish. Just do it!

Thao Vien


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