A Strange Man In The World

Ph.D Luu Trong Tuan

Ph.D Luu Trong Tuan

Have you seen a man who never stops working because of loving his job passionately? Have you seen a man who always acts like a strict person but he is actually very romantic? Have you seen a man who rarely give you praise to encourage you in difficult tasks?

My teacher, Ph.D Luu Trong Tuan, is a man such that. He is the teacher of Translation Theories in which we had to deal with very difficult tasks to understand his lessons. It would be a great chance to be a student in his class even though he is regarded as a strange man in the world…

I Am Vietnamese

He had published a lot of researches for international journals such as: International Journal of Management & Enterprise Development, Leadership in Health Services, Social Responsibility Journal, etc… However, he doesn’t use an English name for his international publication. You can just find out his works as the real name: Luu Trong Tuan.

Luu Trong Tuan

“I hate English name”, he said, “I want they know I am Vietnamese.” Think about this. Why do we tend to use another name when we have got one? Respecting your real name would be the simplest way to show that you deeply love your country as well as your own person.

After understanding this lesson I learn to love my real name by using Vietnamese name in my social network instead of English one: Facebook, LinkedIn and personal blogs. Indeed, the teacher has taught me the most meaningful lesson in our life: Love Your Own Name.

Compete For What?

“We act like a child …”

Ph.D Luu Trong Tuan is not only a teacher at well-known universities in Ho Chi Minh City but also a chief representative of Liven Agrichem in Vietnam. In fact, I am a lucky student as learning valuable lessons from his working stories that he doesn’t tell us in the class.

Naturally, we have to compete for being successful in our work but what happens if we compete against each other for being a winner? We lost our control. When we try to compete for a better job or a higher position in our company, we act like a child who desires to win in the favorite game. That’s it.

My teacher told that he does not compete against the colleagues for winning a better performance. He does not show off his abilities as well as his knowledge in the business meetings. He’s a quiet and careful man. More importantly, he knows that he has done the challenging tasks so well that he doesn’t need to compete. “Compete for what?”, the teacher asked me to end the story.

The Beauty Of Money

Do you love money?

It concerns me that I am looking for a new job, my teacher questioned about my view-point:

–          Do you love money?

–          I don’t love money but I need money, teacher.

–          Why do you need money?

–          Because I don’t want to depend on my parents …

–          Anything else?

–          …

If you were me, what would be your answer for those questions? Are you sure that you’re honest in your answers? That could be complicated, you know.

“I love money.”, my teacher just simply confirmed by 3 words. “Because I love the beauty of money”, he said. And he told me how we could help people by money. He used to be a poor student as well as a poor man in the past. When he had to face great challenges to success in his career, he was received gratefully helps from his professors and friends. Now he would like to help the others in return to the life. That is the beauty of money he wants to mean.

He doesn’t care how much money he has got but how much you know about Vietnam country in the world. He assumes that he is a “strange man” as he sacrifices all his life for education and business. You can see, he would be like a workaholic man who loves his job so crazy that he seldom goes back home but be happy in the office. “Because,…” he said, “I can work as soon as I wish to. I cannot sit or lie without doing anything”.

Thao Vien


4 thoughts on “A Strange Man In The World

  1. đây là người thầy để lại ấn tượng lớn nhất và duy nhất trong tâm trí và trái tim tôi từ trước đến giờ, may mắn được học thầy môn quản trị thay đổi, kính phục thầy ở 3 khía cạnh tâm, tầm và tài.

    • Chính bởi 3 khía cạnh ấy mà thầy đã hy sinh thật nhiều để dành trọn thời gian cho nghiên cứu. Thầy hơi khó tính nhưng rất “yêu” sinh viên, Minh nhỉ 🙂

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