Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

Someone knocks at the door. You ask: “Who’s that” and wonder if you should invite or ignore the visitor. Naturally, you have a choice to OPEN or CLOSE the door. Before making your own decision, please consider 3 special gifts from 3 visitors today: Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+


Facebook House

–          Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

–          Who’s that?

–          I’m Facebook. Do you like me?

–          …

The special gift of Facebook is the button “Like” beside your status, video, photo and note. Since Mark Zuckerberg has created Facebook, we seem to be attracted by the king of social network as well as the click Like which becomes very common in our posts. What do you think about this gift?

Frankly, I used to dislike the button “Like” of Facebook that makes us lazy to write something more meaningful. As you want to show that you’re caring of your friends’ status, you just click “Like”. That would be enough for a status, wouldn’t be? You might have built your Facebook House to like a lot of pages as well as to make a big friends list. From personal thinking, I have had limitation in my list: 100 friends. Those guys are my friends in secondary school, high school, university and company. Even my parents don’t usually log in Facebook but I still create 2 accounts for them.

Amazingly, Facebook has been the Online House which we should consider who would be invited to come in. You can CLOSE the door if you want to protect yourself by click “Unfriend” or “Unlike”. You can OPEN the door if you want to make new friends by click “Add Friend” and click “Like” for supporting their posts. Thus, the button “Like” can be appreciated as the special gift of Facebook which we will send to the true friends instead of strangers in the social network.


LinkedIn Office

–          Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

–          Who’s that?

–          I’m LinkedIn. Would you like to join in my network?

–          …

The special gift of LinkedIn is the new connection you have been accepted. How many connections in your own LinkedIn? 50, 100, 150 … 500+ or even 1000+ .The more connections you have got, the more professional you have been. Actually, the professional profile would make you more impressive in the employer’s evaluation.

I have been invited to be interviewed by the CEO of New Horizon Internet JSC since he found out my profile from LinkedIn. That would be the most interesting interview I have come in! I have got a great chance to talk with the leaders of company because of my online profile. Honestly, I am really proud of myself even though I am not sure about the interview until now.

If Facebook would be similar to the House, LinkedIn could be the same Office in your company. You need to be formal and serious in your posts. You should OPEN the door to invite politely the guests coming to your Office. You should CLOSE the door when you want to focus on your work. Let they know that you always consider carefully before connecting to your network, indeed.


Google+ School

–          Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

–          Who’s that?

–          I’m Google+. May I have you in my circle?

–          …

The special gift of Google+ is the symbol plus for your post. It could be interesting to know that I can learn Social Media Marketing from Google+ in which I have followed some famous bloggers. They wrote a number of useful entries for us to improve blogging skills. You not only learn from their wonderful entries but also helpful tips to become a professional blogger.

Have you created a Google+ via your Gmail? My friend living in USA has invited me to join in Google+ for watching … a Korean movie. You know, this function is called “Hangouts” which we can watch together the same video at the same time like in the cinema. I have been interested in Google+ since then. In there, I don’t care about the number of friends or followers but the meaningful lessons that I can learn from bloggers. The door is always OPENED for everyone who keeps learning more and more!

As the result, I am living in the Facebook House, working in the LinkedIn Office and learning in the Google+ School. I wish to share my experiences to encourage you to be more friendly, professional and helpful in the social network. Take your turn; please share your experiences in making your choice to OPEN or CLOSE: Who should be invited to come in your own social network?

Thao Vien


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