Don’t Read This If You Hate Models

You hate models because they attract you at the first sight to show the beauty of … fashion. You hate models since they look like mannequins for displaying clothes with cold faces and eyes. And you hate models when they create a lot of scandals in entertainment. However, you cannot stop watching the sexy ladies in everywhere!

Watching Asia’s Next Top Model, I love to imagine the models as living dolls in my collection “The Quirky Beauty” below. Look at 12 models and tell me: Who is the quirkiest lady in your eyes?

1.Jee Choi – Korea

2.Kate Ma – Tawain

3.Bei Si Liu – China

4.Filantropi – Indonesia

5.Monica Benjaratjuarunun – Thailand

6.Asstha Pokharel – Nepal

7.Kyla – Singapore


9.Thuy Trang – Vietnam

10.Rachel Erasmus – India

11.Stephanie Retuya – Philipines

12.Helena – Hongkong

I rarely watch fashion show on TV because I see those clothes are too strange for me to wear. I have just been attracted by Asia’s Next Top Model since watching the “quirky” concept last week. You can see that, the ladies are so colorful! How can we hate the colorful dolls such that? ^^

 Thao Vien


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