Happy Working Day!

Happy Working Day!

Happy Working Day!

“Happy Working Day!” has been the best wish for you to begin a new week on Monday. As writing letters for applying a new job, I usually end by 3 words: “Happy Working Day” instead of “Best Regards”. I love those words which recall a lovely song in the movie “Enchanted” (2007).

Begin a happy day!

“How can we enjoy working?”

Begin a happy day!

What should we do to begin a happy day? You say: “Nothing is happy today since I have to do the same things all the time!”. Oh, dear! That means you do not love your work now.

I have just seen a similar status of my friend who is working as a high school teacher. She is unhappy as beginning a new day in her life because of “doing the same thing all the time”.

That would be general when you feel little bored at your job after working for a long time. In fact, you always eager to find out the best answer for the question below:

“How can we enjoy working?”

“How can we enjoy working?”

“How can we enjoy working?”

We cannot enjoy working if we have never been … jobless. I am sure about that. Without working, you even get bored more quickly. You say that you want to be lazy. You say that you wish to be free. And you say that you enjoy sleeping instead of working. We all experience those feelings in someday. However, we need to refresh a new working day to enjoy our life happily. You can imagine 2 pictures of yourself:

  • The first: You are sleeping since you have become free to be lazy. Nobody asks you to do anything. Nothing happens. You look like … a zombie!
  • The second: You are working hard at the office. The director said that you have done difficult tasks successfully. Then, you have a great chance to be promoted in the higher position. You will get the goals in your life.

Which picture do you love to see yourself in there? The first picture is very easy for you to draw your life. The second is more challenging, indeed. You have experienced the first then you move to the second. More importantly, the evaluation of being successful should be depended on your personal goals.

For example, I am successful in spite of being jobless because I have set the goal to get a new job in December 2012. Before working in an office, I have given a job for myself at The Lady Diary. You can see that, I enjoy working as a blogger to write a new entry for you today! Do you hear the “Happy Working Song” of my heart?

My heart is singing …

My heart is singing the “Happy Working Song” like the beautiful lady in the movie “Enchanted”. Actually, I have not been a dreamy girl any more. I love the movie as soon as discovering myself from the magical stories of Giselle. I think about my difficulties being similar to a dirty house which needs to be cleaned by the lovely lady.

“All right everyone, time to tidy things up!

Come my little friends
As we all sing a happy little working song
Merry little voices clear and strong … “

(Happy Working Song, “Enchanted” Movie)

Whoever you are: a woman or a man, a leader or a member in a team, a person working in the office or a jobless one seeking for a new job … you have to face with the “dirty house” every day. “Happy Working” is not only a magical song in the movie but also the best wish for you to begin a new happy day. Let’s sing the song to discover the best answer for you: “How can we enjoy working?”

Thao Vien


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