The little girl has a secret …

The little girl has a secret to surprise her mommy in Christmas coming early. She writes a lovely letter sending to Santa. Do you want to discover yourself from her letter? Keep reading …

The little girl has a secret ...

Dear Santa,

Let me tell you the whole story of mommy’s secrets. She has 3 secrets that you must have been interested because she will not tell you but I do. However, you have to promise that you will not tell her about my letter because this is a … SECRET between us.

The first secret, I know she truly loves my daddy. You can believe that. Because she prepares breakfast for him, texts him a message “yummy lunch, darling” and … kiss him in somewhere (I don’t tell you, dear Santa! ^^).

The second secret, I find out that she really loves me. I am an intelligent girl, you can see! She rarely says that she loves me (Why?!!! >_<) but I know she always cooks delicious meals because of my healthy body. She has never slept before visiting my room to check if I forgot to close the door or turn off the light … (Naturally, I didn’t discover the secret until I wanted to go to the toilet as soon as she came to my bed  :P)

And the last secret ...

And the last secret, I wondered how I should tell you for many times! That could be the biggest secret you have known. The secret is … a letter sending to you when she was only 5 years old (she was younger than me now). Why did she “forget” to send the letter for you? I haven’t found out the reason why 😦 Thus, please tell me quietly if you know after reading my letter. (I promise that I will not tell her!)

Love Santa,

The Little Girl

PS: I have told you the secrets of mommy. So could you tell me what you are planning for Christmas gifts? I am waiting for you every day to surprise mommy with your letter and gifts!

The Little Girl

The letter is written by “the little girl” in my heart. These pictures of LaughLines Photography have inspired me to write a new entry as thinking of Christmas. Actually, that is not a real story but real feelings when we were kids. We used to be the kids who thought that everything would be possible. And we still learn from this lesson until now.

So could you tell me what you are planning for Christmas gifts? That could be your own secret but I am going to tell my dear readers in the next entry. Wait and see! 🙂

Thao Vien


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