7 Members MAKE A Perfect Team

7 members in your team

7 members in your team

“Hoh-Hoh-Hoh…Let’s Go!” 7 dwarfs begin a new day with a happy working song. The dwarfs work together like 7 members in a team at your company. How can they MAKE a perfect team to work effectively? Let’s go to discover 7 members in your team: Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy and Doc!

DOPEY: The Sweetest



Who is the sweetest member in your team? That might be the youngest dwarf Dopey. He was a small and thin dwarf who never spoke a word but was very funny and lovely. You need a lovely member like Dopey to make fun and create funny ideas. If you have a creative team, don’t miss a sweet member!

BASHFUL: The Most Shy



A shy person is rarely high appreciated in a team. However, you will not take advantages from members when missing an important point from a careful member regarded as the most shy. Bashful was the most shy but he was not useless in the team. Remember that, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Looking at just one side, you cannot build a perfect team.

SNEEZY: The Most Careless



In contrast to Bashful being the most careful, Sneezy must have been the most careless. He even couldn’t take care of himself! Should we delete his name in team list? Think again. A careless person would feel free to express new ideas in brainstorming. You might valuate an idea being foolish at first but the most foolish idea could become the greatest idea later!

SLEEPY: The Laziest



“What the hell? The laziest!!? ” You are getting angry as soon as I suggest Sleepy who can be the laziest member to join your team. Please calm down and smile warmly, dear. That is not a stupid suggestion, you know. Obviously, we always have the laziest member in our team although he or she works very hard. Be smart to judge a person: Sleepy can be the laziest in your team but the hardest in another. A perfect team can attract the best member from others, even the opposition.

HAPPY: The Most Cheerful



We love Happy, naturally! I believe that the most cheerful member is easy to interest everyone in your team. Being a Happy guy, you will never give up as facing difficult challenges. When the rest members are stressful, you will be the very important person to encourage them to keep working successfully. If I were a leader of your team, I would aim to promote you!

GRUMPY: The Most Difficult



I dislike this guy, honestly. It’s not easy to like the most difficult member in our team. The truth is: The most difficult person used to be the most successful people. Do you remember anyone being successful because of being difficult? A number of famous people you have known: Steve Jobs (Entrepreneur), Gordon Ramsay (Chef Master), Nadya Hutagalung (Actress – Model) … They have similar characters of Grumpy who not only behave toward you strictly but also rarely smile at you. Nevertheless, the most difficult member can be the most suitable for being leader in your team.

DOC: The Most Powerful



Or maybe not! We need to consider the last member before making the final choice for the position of Team Leader. Being the last member, Doc was respected as the most powerful because he has combined successfully all characters. A good leader always looks at members like friends not just colleagues. You must have loved to work for the leader thinking of you to choose meaningful gifts in special events each year:

I love this season. I love the challenge of thinking about the people who work for me and what they’d delight in having or experiencing. It’s a chance to show them what they mean to me–not measured in dollars.”

(How to Buy a Good Holiday Gift for Your Employee(s), Nancy Lublin – CEO at DoSomething.org)

After reading the article of Nancy Lublin, I have discovered the CEO being similar to Doc. Those are meaningful ideas for Christmas Day in your company! You can become the most powerful leader by meaningful ideas like her. As the result, you put together 7 members to make a perfect team: Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy and Doc.

Who are you there? What is the most meaningful gift for each member in your team? Let’s think about them like your friends! 🙂

Thao Vien


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