Please Be An Expert

“Please be an expert”, Mr.Luu Trong Tuan said that as talking about my career. He has been the first person inspiring me to make colorful craft in Christmas. I have done some special gifts for him yesterday. Looking at the gifts, I remember what he told me about how to be an expert …

I have done the special gift for him ...

I have done the special gifts for him …

Mr.Tuan: When are you going to be a teacher?

Thao Vien: 10 years later in my plan…

Mr.Tuan: 10 years? Why do you spend so long time to do that?

Thao Vien: Because I want to get extensive experiences as working in business.

Mr.Tuan: Experiences. Just 2 years are enough to be a teacher.

Thao Vien: Really? Just 2 years?

Mr.Tuan: Yes. You should keep studying the master degree as working in your business. Don’t care much about money and try to be an expert. What do you want to teach in the universities?

Thao Vien: I want to teach in Communication.

Mr.Tuan: Communication is so general: TV Station, Newspaper, Magazine, PR … What is the major you will focus on?

Thao Vien: I don’t know exactly since there are so many subjects when I have studied in Journalism & Communication …

Mr.Tuan: Don’t try to do everything. Please be an expert in writing, editing … whatever!

Yes!! I find out that would be great to be an expert in writing and editing. That is my way to be a teacher like Mr.Tuan: doing business and teaching students at the same time. I am walking on that way. I want to run faster as today is the last day in my life!

Because students need me to learn from my practical experiences.

Because you need me to be an expert in your business.

Because I need to see you every day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

Thao Vien



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