Confessions of A “Coffeeholic”

As being a “coffeeholic”, you meant to be addicted to coffee.  I meant to be there for 7 years until now. I’m not just kind of coffee drinker. A cup of coffee in the morning is not enough to make “a happy day”.

Confessions of A Coffeeholic

There is always more than one reason why I love drinking coffee, but I’m going to make 7 confessions that you should avoid:

1≠ I didn’t want to get up early if my coffee stock had been empty.

2≠ I got angry with my mother just because of missing a cup of coffee in the morning.

3≠ I used to drinking coffee as soon as feeling bad or being stressful.

4≠ I has ignored news about coffee which reminded me of drinking so much.

5≠ I wished to have a cup of coffee while my colleague was drinking next to me.

6≠ I dreamed to enjoy coffee with my husband in the future instead of looking for a lover.

7≠ I wondered if I was drinking coffee every day, I would become the best in everything.

You can see that, coffee might be a magical drug to make my life happier. Actually, coffee couldn’t be your power to do everything. Sometimes, coffee addiction could make you in mad like a monster. I tried to give up drinking coffee, and I failed.

How can I stop thinking of coffee as a perfect exercise to begin a new day? The question still obsesses someone who has been a “coffeeholic” like me.

Thao Vien




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