5 Reasons WHY You Deny A Job

WHY You Deny A Job

WHY You Deny A Job

Why you deny a job when you wish to earn money for supporting your family as well as raising your kids? Beggars can’t be choosers: you are ready to take any job to solve the recent problem and forget the truth that you will soon quit the job since you don’t love it. Indeed, to deny a job might be a very difficult choice for you if you do not consider 5 REASONS below.


Your career in the future?

Your career in the future?

The first reason you need to consider before taking the job: What are opportunities you can get from the company to develop your career in the future?

Think about this carefully. You have experienced failures as making quick choices when you were a kid and a teenager. But you are an adult now not being either a kid or a teenager any more. You have had a plan for your own career.

To share with you, I was interviewed successfully by a company last week and begin the first working day this week. However, I have decided to deny the job in the first working day. The reason is not because of bad company but bad choice to develop my career. You know, it’s really difficult to decide as just thinking of the first reason. And you will be stronger as moving to the next.


The leadership

The leadership

The employer should be appreciated as an important reason to deny the job because the leader will direct the company. How can you evaluate the leadership as soon as possible?

Learning from employers who would be former director or manager, you can judge more reasonably. In the interview, not only the employer evaluates your qualities but also you evaluate the employer at the same time. Please look at the employer like “a business person”:

  • How professional the employer has been?
  • What are stories the employer would like to tell you?
  • Why does the employer want to develop business further?

Preparing about 3 key questions to discover the employer would be a good idea for your evaluation! Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be afraid of being an honest candidate in the interview. Put yourself in the employer’s inside, do you want to have a truthful employee being honest in making questions?


The employees are happy ?

The employees are happy ?

The second reason, however, is still not enough strong for you to make the final choice until looking at the third one: The employees are happy as working with the employer in the company, aren’t they?

You can find out the answer by breaking the ice when coming for the interview. As waiting for the interviewer, you could talk friendly with the employees to know more about the company. You will be one of them tomorrow if the interview is successful today. Thus, caring of the potential colleagues would encourage you to be more confident in making your own choice.

Recalling the latest interview, I found out the employees are not really happy in there. Their faces were cold and I never ever seen their smiles. I asked more questions in the first working day to consider whether I should deny the job:

  • Do you work in the same office with director?
  • May I know where we can go for lunch?
  • How long have you been here?

Remember, you just politely ask simple and easy questions for the employees to answer. It’s not difficult for you to talk with the employees like Receptionist, Assistant, Cleaner or Security Guard… They’re working around the lobby where you’re waiting for the interview. Take any change to discover who you will work for!

4 # “They COULD …”

The employer in LinkedIn

The employer in LinkedIn

To discover who you will work for, you’d better connect to the employer in LinkedIn before going to the interview. Leaders of the professional network provide a feed of that data to local vocational training facilities, junior colleagues, etc. So you can trust them because of the fourth reason:

“They could develop a just-in-time curriculum that provides local job seekers the skills they need to obtain the jobs that are and will be, and not just the jobs that once were.”

(The future of LinkedIn and the economic graph, Jeff Weiner – CEO LinkedIn, 10th Dec 2012)

They could be a hopeful people telling you what the company does. They could be a truthful guy telling you who the employer is. And they could be a helpful friend telling you why the employees love working in there. A professional business always builds a strong network in LinkedIn to connect qualified candidates as well as potential partners. As the result, you can deny the job if you do not find out the business in LinkedIn.

5 # “You SHOULD …”

TAKE the job or DENY the job

TAKE the job or DENY the job

“According to a survey conducted by JobVite, 61 percent of jobseekers say that it’s been harder finding a job this year compared to the previous one. And this is the reason why those looking for a job should stop managing their job hunt and instead start leading it.”

(The Differences Between Leading And Managing Your Job Hunt, Vivian Giang, 9th Dec 2012)

That’s true. That is also the most important reason why you should deny the job in spite of being jobless. Being jobless would be bad to you but being careless would be even worse to your future. According to Vivian Giang, you should stop managing your job hunt to lead it. You can get amazing advances from her article “The Differences Between Leading And Managing Your Job Hunt” which has inspired me to write a new entry today.

I totally agree with her points, especially the third one: “The manager will think about job opportunities alone whereas the leader will evaluate these opportunities with others.”

Coming to the interview, you will evaluate the opportunities as working for the company. You have a choice: TAKE the job or DENY the job. Don’t be hasty to grab the job if you pass the interview successfully.

After considering 5 reasons sharing above, I have had the final decision: Deny A Job. I have denied the job yesterday. I am eager to write the new entry to encourage you to be “the leader” instead of “the manager”. Be positive in any situation. Today, you may be a loser. Tomorrow, you will be a winner.

Have you ever denied a job before? How could you evaluate the company? Should we judge the employer as well as the employee from the interview?

Be free to share in the comments, dear my readers!

Thao Vien


Happy Working Day

We do all for our kids

The Power To Choose

Be careful what you wish for …



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