Wake up!! The Sleeping Beauty!

You can laugh at me because of thinking of my own person like “The Sleeping Beauty” at home. You cannot imagine that a 25-year-old lady dressing like a lovely princess will come here to see you in Christmas Day. “Wake up!” Don’t go to sleep again before you have discovered who The Sleeping Beauty can be …

Wake up!! The Sleeping Beauty!

Wake up!! The Sleeping Beauty!

… not only a Lady but also a Gentleman!                                               

You don’t believe it? I will show you right now: Please looking at yourself in the mirror. That is The Beauty in your heart.

If you have seen the TV show “True Beauty”, you will be interested in attractive ladies and gentlemen of the contest looking for “The most beautiful person”. The contestants must be judged on both their appearances and personalities. As the result, the winner would be the true beauty from outside and inside.

Now, take your turn: How do you think about your outside and inside beauty as looking at yourself in the mirror?

  • 10 years ago, I used to think that “I am an ugly girl!” with freckled and chubby face, small and short body, cheap and old clothes…
  • 5 years ago, I used to think of the small girl in the mirror like “a stupid baby” who desired to become a beautiful lady wearing fashionable clothes and high-heel shoes…
  • Just 1 day ago, as looking at the mirror I ask myself: “Oh,dear lady! How long have you been sleeping until now?”

And I have just answered today after cleaning my teeth, washing my face and smiling at the lady in the mirror: “25 years. It’s time to wake up, The Sleeping Beauty!”

It’s time to “make up” for your Christmas date tonight.

It’s time to “wake up” your own beauty 🙂

Thao Vien


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